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Finding Ideas for Your Next Podcast

Updated: Aug 25

What do you want to accomplish with your podcast?

Do you already have a podcast? Have you ever done a podcast before? Do you know even what a podcast is? How can you reach more people with your podcast? Who do you want to reach with your podcast? Are you seriously thinking about starting your own podcast?

finding ideas for your next podcast
Finding Ideas for Your Next Podcast

Do you already have a podcast?

If you already have your own podcast then you already know that you must and this is an absolute must, have a podcast every day. You can skip a few days here and there, but your audience will start to notice and most likely the engagement that you had with that person will eventually drop off. This is normal and is common sense. If a leaf falls in the forest, is there anyone to hear it? Well, that might be a bad example, but you get the picture, right? So yeah, try to keep up with your podcasts at least 3-4 times a week. Doing it every day can be cumbersome and will take a lot of time out of your day, unless you have the time to do it each day and keep the content fresh and new, then (by all means) do it every day. Practice makes perfect! If you already have a podcast and are already in the flow and building momentum, keep going, don’t stop! Once you stop, it will take a long time to get back in the saddle again and start riding that horse of influence.

What to podcast is the next step. In my experience with podcasting, it is sort of like a journal of events or meeting new people in your life and interviewing them with a few questions. Have guests on your podcasts or new people that you meet in life. To make your podcast stand out from the rest, you should have interesting and relevant content. I like to add a lot of humor to my podcasts. It makes life that much more interesting and to be honest, life is difficult and brings on many challenges, but try not to take podcasting too seriously. There are some serious podcasts out there and they contain a lot of useful information which is great. I mean it’s up to you. You decide what topics to discuss which empowers you to take your podcast to exactly the place you want to go. Everyone is different and every podcast should have unique conversations that cover as many areas as you’d like to cover. The ball is in your court. It is up to you and your creativity finding ideas for your next podcast.

If you like to talk about bees all day, then talk about bees all day long. Whatever it is that comes to your mind, you should talk about it. That’s what podcasting is all about. A good way to figure out what to podcast about is to listen to as many podcasts out there as possible. You will probably get the formula of what a successful podcast should sound like after a while. It is only a matter of time until your podcast gets noticed, and it will. You just must be persistent and not ever quit on the podcast. Think of it this way. Some people want to hear what you say rather than read about what you are writing about or thinking about live and uncut.

Think of it this way. Some people want to hear what you say rather than read about what you are writing about or thinking about live and uncut.

The best podcasts around have the best guests, the most interesting topics and informative and engaging content.

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